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Plenary: Welcome to the Neighborhood!
Marcella J. Bobinsky, MPH, Chief, Bureau of Public Health Systems, Policy and Performance and Acting Director, Division of Public Health Services, NH Department of Health & Human Services

Morning Keynote: Building Immunization Neighborhoods in the City of Manchester and Beyond
Anna-Marie Thomas, MPH, Deputy Public Health Director, Manchester Health Department

Beyond our Backyard: Recent Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Elizabeth A. Talbot, MD, Associate Professor, Dartmouth College, and Deputy State Epidemiologist, NH Department of Health and Human Services

Blueprint for Vaccine Storage and Handling​​
Sean Trimble and Cameron Noblit, CDC

Immunization Renovation: Update 2016
Dr. Candice Robinson, MD, MPH, LCDR United States Public Health Services, Medical Officer, Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control

The Nuts & Bolts of Pneumococcal Vaccination to Prevent Pneumonia and Invasive Infection
Benjamin P. Chan, MD, MPH, State Epidemiologist, NH Department of Health and Human Services

Use All the Tools in the Box: A System-wide Approach to Improving Adult Pneumococcal Immunization Rates
Julie Tuttle, John Moren, and Jared Caron, Foundation  Medical Partners, Southern NH Health

Afternoon Keynote: Protecting Your Neighborhood - Dispensing of Medical Countermeasures in a Public Health Emergency
Philip J. Alexakos, MPH, REHS, Chief of Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness, Manchester Health Department